30 Day Happiness Challenge” - Eh! Be Positive
Plank challenge ~ Mr Lamb managed to plank for 2 minutes, what's the best you can do ??
How many star jumps can you do in 30 seconds?
Kicky up challenge ~ how many can you do in 30 seconds?
The  Garden Challenge - target practice. Take out flat household items which could be used as a target area e.g. cushion/ piece of paper/ blanket and soft household items which can be thrown e.g. teddy bear. Create a start line at one side of the garden and put 2/3 target area's in a line at the other side of the garden. Each could be worth a set number of points (could have a Math's link e.g. 2's/ 5's 10's or Times Tables depending on age of children). Take turns to throw an item aiming to get it to land on the target area, keep track of how many points you score. Run to collect each item, 1 at a time (relay race fashion). Progress to allocating a chosen action for each target area e.g. complete 2 press ups if you get your object to land in the first target area, complete 5 star jumps if your object lands in the second area etc. Progress to making up our own version of the game.