The staff in Early Years are; Miss Lampett, Mrs Salisbury, Mrs Gorwood, Mr White, Mrs Skelton and Mrs May.
This week in Early Years we have been as busy as always.
In Literacy we have been looking at and working from the story 'Frozen'. We have been discussing the characters and their feelings as well as using our phonics to write the characters names to label their picture. We acted out scenes from the story with our friends.
In maths, we have been exploring money.
We have been using coins to pay for our snack and also paying for books and toys in our 'shops' in the provision areas.
Our shape of the week has been a sphere and we have been discussing the difference between a 2D (flat) shape and a 3D (solid) shape. 
We have continued our work on phase 3 phonics and learnt the graphemes x, y and z as well as learnt the tricky word 'be'.
The children have all enjoyed exploring ice etc to link with frozen.
We have worked hard on our Christmas production and we are excited about showing you all next week :) 
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