Class Ambassadors

2020 focus for class ambassadors ~ the environment
Our class ambassadors represent the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.
This years focus for ambassadors is looking at ways to look after the environment at school, in the wider community and globally. 
Following meetings with staff and year 5 and 6 ambassadors we have now introduced the following:
- boxes in each classroom for paper recycling ~ these are being emptied into our paper recycling bin on the car park and this large bin is emptied weekly by the City of York Council and recycled.
- boxes in each classroom for broken pens, highlighters, felt tip pens and glue sticks ~ these will be taken to a local charity collection point.
- we continue to collect crisp packets.  We have a team of regular 'crisp collectors' from year 5 who do a fabulous job in sorting and boxing up crisp packets.
- we are now starting to collect confectionery wrappers such as individual wrappers from bars of chocolate, the pouches from the share bags of sweets and chocolates ie, fruit pastilles, rolos, minstrels, cake bar wrappers, non savoury biscuit wrappers ie. Go Ahead bars and the outer wrapping from multipacks of confectionery.
- a great group of year 5 children are taking responsibility for keeping the corridors tidy and litter free, these children are known as 'The Tidy Team'.  They will check corridors each lunch time to ensure they are tidy.
- an efficient team of year 6 children have taken on the responsibilities for the lost property cupboard and will, on a weekly basis, return named items to children.  Uncollected, unnamed items will be donated to charity on a regular basis.  
- we have installed recycling bins in the staff room too for paper, broken pens, glue sticks, confectionery wrappers, crisp packets etc. 
- we now have a notice board in the corridor so that class ambassadors can communicate with Mrs Ratcliffe and Mrs Hudson in between meetings. 
Mrs Ratcliffe and Mrs Hudson will be meeting regularly with ambassadors on a Wednesday lunch time, to talk about recycling in school and to talk about future developments and ideas.   
Next steps .........
- look our for our regular eco tips on the website and via email,
- to continue with regular meetings with ambassadors, 
- to produce a regular 'green guide' for families so that parents can support children at home with eco initiatives.
What can parents do to support the class ambassadors?
- name all items of clothing so that lost property can easily be returned to the rightful owner.
- support your child at home with recycling initiatives.
- support your child at home with reducing waste and think about reusing and upcycling items instead of buying new.
- be mindful at home about water, electricity and food wastage. 
- think before buying products that are wrapped unnecessarily in plastic and look for alternatives to buying items in single use plastic.
Thank you for your continued support.  Please check this page regularly for updates.