The staff in Early Years are; Miss Lampett, Mrs Salisbury, Mrs Gorwood, Mr White, Mrs Skelton and Mrs May.
This week in Early Years we have been learning all about the number 5 and exploring the hexagon shape. We have also continued working on number recognition and what these numbers mean. We have been having a go at writing the numbers on a whiteboard. 
In literacy we have been reading and working from the stories 'little monkey' and 'well done little croc'. The stories are very similar and focus on the importance of realising what you are good at and not comparing yourself to others. We are all unique and different and that is a good thing. We linked our singing assembly to this by singing the 'Will I am and sesame street song', which is all about not giving up and believing in yourself. 
We have continued to develop our fine and gross motor skills to help with our writing. We had lots of fun popping bubble wrap and throwing bean bags into hoops :)
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