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Sports day is Wednesday 19th June ~ POSTPONED UNTIL WEDNESDAY 10TH JULY (fingers crossed that the weather is nice by then!)
Bikeability continues on Friday's for children in year 5CM and some children from year 5AF/CP ~ your child must bring their helmet, bike and waterproof jacket.  If they do not bring a helmet they will be unable to take part in the session.
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Free Sports 
 Swimming continues for some year 6 children every Tuesday, please make sure your child brings their swimming kit. 
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Don't forget it's the sleepover for year 5 children on Friday 21st June.
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Just a polite reminder to parents and carers that children should not be bringing non-prescription medications or toiletries to school, this includes lip balms, skin creams, sun creams and throat sweets.

If your child requires prescription medication, please bring this to the school office and complete the appropriate form so that the medication can be stored and administered in school.


In exceptional circumstances we can keep non-prescription medications such as lip balms and creams at the school office for your child to use during the school day.  Please speak to the office staff if your child needs to bring non-prescription medications or toiletries into school. 


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Please keep bringing in your used crisp packets for recycling. We have a recycling box in the school hall and one at the front office where you can deposit your crisp packets.  We have so far, sent off just over 3,000 crisp packets!
Thank you for your continued support.