Meeting with year 3 & 4 class ambassadors ~ Wednesday 29th January 2020

Meeting with year 3 and 4 class ambassadors ~ Wednesday 29th January 2020.
We talked about:
- the recycling systems which had been started and reminded ambassadors to bring their paper boxes and pen recycling boxes to the school office when they were full.
- the introduction of the confectionery recycling box and asked children who had pack ups to recycle their chocolate bar wrappers, biscuit and non savoury wrappers.   Year 5 would bag these wrappers ready for Mrs Hudson to take to a collection centre in York.

-  Mrs Hudson had been in touch with YPO about recycling their glue sticks.  She was in discussion with the Executive Director at YPO about a way forward.
- the first edition of the 'green guide' would be going out to families on Friday, children were encouraged to talk about this with their parents. 
Mrs Ratcliffe and Mrs Hudson thanked the ambassadors for doing a great job and thanked them for their support.