Meeting with year 5 & 6 class ambassadors ~ Wednesday 15th January 2020

Meeting with year 5 and 6 class ambassadors ~ Wednesday 15th January 2020
Children were thanked for attending the first ambassadors meeting of the New Year.  It was agreed that the focus for class ambassadors this year would be the environment and how we could help to reduce waste.
Mrs Hudson said that boxes were now in each classroom so that children could recycle used paper and used/broken pens and glue sticks.  By recycling these items we would be reducing the waste being collected for landfill.
The ambassadors said that the boxes were a good idea and that they would make sure that they were taken to the school office to be emptied.
Crisp packet recycling continued - year 5 were thanked for their work in sorting and boxing the hundreds of crisp packets.
The next step would be to introduce a collection box in the hall for confectionery wrappers and biscuit wrappers from pack ups.  Year 5 agreed to bag these up for Mrs Hudson to take to a collection centre in York. 
Lost property was talked about and Mrs Ratcliffe asked if year 6 would help with this? they were asked to sort the cupboard once or twice a week and return any named items to children.  Unnamed items would be collected in a box at the bottom of the cupboard ready to be taken to a local charitable collection point.
Mrs Ratcliffe asked if there were a group of children willing to take on the role of Tidy Team, to keep the corridors tidy.  Year 5 agreed to take this on. 
Mrs Ratcliffe talked about making a few changes to the dinner hall at lunch times ~ these discussions were only in the early stages.
Mrs Hudson said that she would send a note to teachers so they knew what the boxes were for and how class ambassadors were involved in these.
Ambassadors were thanked for their time and support and agreed to meet again on Wednesday 23rd January.