Meeting with year 5 & 6 class ambassadors ~ Wednesday 23rd January 2020

Meeting with year 5 and 6 class ambassadors ~ Wednesday  23rd January 2020
Children were thanked for attending the ambassadors meeting and we recapped on what we had talked about at the first meeting. 
Ambassadors agreed that the recycling boxes for paper and pens/glue sticks should be taken to the office when they were full.
Crisp packet recycling continued - year 5 were thanked for their work in sorting and boxing the hundreds of crisp packets.  A collection would be ready soon. 
A collection box in the hall for confectionery wrappers and biscuit wrappers from pack ups had been installed.  Year 5 were bagging these wrappers. 
Mrs Hudson had talked to year 6 about the lost property so that they knew what they were doing. 
Mrs Hudson would ask Mrs Bailey to talk to the whole school about the work class ambassadors were doing.
The Tidy Team were working well, Mrs Hudson would make some badges for them to wear. 
Mrs Ratcliffe talked about naming the tables in the dinner hall.  Ambassadors suggested colours, countries, planets and animals.  Mrs Hudson would ask all teachers to ask their children which theme they would prefer and the one with the most votes would be implemented.  UPDATED: the tables were now names of planets as this was the most popular theme.
A noticeboard had been installed in the corridor so that ambassadors could communicate with Mrs Hudson and Mrs Ratcliffe.
Ambassadors were thanked for their time and continued support.  The next ambassadors meeting would be with year 3 and 4 children on Wednesday 29th January 2020.