Remote Learning at Huntington Primary Academy

Thank you to everyone for adapting to working alongside your children at home, and for adjusting to the switch to remote learning. Nationally, this has been a necessary change so that we can all play our part in helping to limit the community spread of coronavirus. 


Staff have been working tirelessly to provide your children with a bespoke set of learning activities and have been delighted to see the high levels of engagement with these since the beginning of January.


Thank you to all our pupils for trying so hard and to families for supporting them by providing the time and space for your children to complete their home learning tasks.


We fully appreciate the pressure that children learning at home puts on families, but want to reassure you that we are doing all we can to provide tasks that are accessible to all pupils and allow them to learn, in part at least, independently. We have begun to make use of our developing technological skills and activities are increasingly including audio recordings and video demonstrations and we are also providing regular live contact with pupils each week.


We continue to reflect on our remote provision and make necessary additions to this, but we are also proud of how relevant and interactive the work your child is assigned continues to be and how varied and creative the responses we receive from your children are.


Thank you for your continued support in this difficult situation. We are here, always, to answer queries, questions or comments.


Best wishes,

Mrs Anne Forman