Visions and Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an outstanding academy that develops excellent partnership working with all stakeholders and the wider community.

Our Mission Statement

Huntington Primary Academy aims to provide quality teaching and learning for all its pupils, delivering a curriculum for the development of the whole child and one that is fitting for the 21st century, in a safe, secure, happy, caring and stimulating environment.

Our Values Statement
  • We expect every child in our academy to reach their full potential, develop skills and talents to their maximum, and have a sense of self worth and belonging within our community.
  • To make this happen we will all (pupils, families, staff, trustees) work together to encourage and support each other, celebrating achievement and acknowledging effort. 
  • Staff will provide positive role models for pupils and work in partnership with families to ensure all pupils feel safe, secure, valued and respected.
  • Leaders will drive forward school improvement that impacts positively on all pupils.
  • On-going self evaluation, reflection and professional dialogue will enable us to refine, develop and improve our practice to meet the changing needs of everyone in our school community.

Aims of the Academy

At Huntington Primary Academy we believe every child has the right to equality of opportunity and access to the whole curriculum. We aim to provide a creative learning environment,based on our 'CARE' ethos, where we are all working together to achieve the following:

  • to make our academy interesting, happy and safe
  • to build our confidence and believe in ourselves
  • to give the very best we can
  • to achieve high standards of work and behaviour
  • to learn all sorts of things in all sorts of ways
  • to become individual learners
  • to help us communicate appropriately
  • to help each other
  • to learn to use language and numbers effectively

In our school we work to promote British Values, to promote tolerance of different faiths and beliefs and prevent radicalisation and extremism. Please refer to the Prevent Duty under 'school policies' for further information.